Class ReadOnlyLicenseCalculator

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    public class ReadOnlyLicenseCalculator
    extends Object
    implements LicenseCalculator
    Calculates the number of Users in a Confluence instance. Performs the calculation in a separate thread using a read only transaction.
    • Method Detail

      • isRunning

        public boolean isRunning()
        Description copied from interface: LicenseCalculator
        Whether or not the license calculator is currently computing the number of users in the system.
        Specified by:
        isRunning in interface LicenseCalculator
      • getNumberOfLicensedUsers

        public Integer getNumberOfLicensedUsers()
        Description copied from interface: LicenseCalculator
        Returns the number of users in the Confluence instance
        Specified by:
        getNumberOfLicensedUsers in interface LicenseCalculator
        the number of users, or -1 if a timeout occurs (for compatibility with existing code)
      • setCacheFactory

        public void setCacheFactory​(com.atlassian.cache.CacheFactory cacheFactory)
        since 5.10.