Class GroupPickerAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • GroupPickerAction

        public GroupPickerAction()
    • Method Detail

      • doGroupSearch

        public String doGroupSearch()
      • doGroupSearchFilterExistingGroups

        public String doGroupSearchFilterExistingGroups()
        Searches for all groups excluding the already existing groups in the list
      • doFilterAlreadyPermittedGroupSearch

        public String doFilterAlreadyPermittedGroupSearch()
        init search for all users and filter result with groups who already have permissions to a space or a global
      • setActionName

        public void setActionName​(String actionName)
      • setGroups

        public void setGroups​(Collection groups)
      • getPageId

        public long getPageId()
      • setPageId

        public void setPageId​(long pageId)
      • getExcludedGroups

        public List getExcludedGroups()
      • getCommaSeparatedExcludedGroupNames

        public String getCommaSeparatedExcludedGroupNames()
      • getExistingGroups

        public String getExistingGroups()
      • setExistingGroups

        public void setExistingGroups​(String existingGroups)
      • setSpaceManager

        public void setSpaceManager​(SpaceManager spaceManager)
      • getOnPopupSubmit

        public String getOnPopupSubmit()
      • setOnPopupSubmit

        public void setOnPopupSubmit​(String onPopupSubmit)
      • getKey

        public String getKey()
      • setKey

        public void setKey​(String key)
      • setSearchEntitiesManager

        public void setSearchEntitiesManager​(SearchEntitiesManager searchEntitiesManager)
      • getGroupnameTerm

        public String getGroupnameTerm()
      • setGroupnameTerm

        public void setGroupnameTerm​(String groupnameTerm)