Class AbstractSearchCrowdUsersAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractSearchCrowdUsersAction

        public AbstractSearchCrowdUsersAction()
    • Method Detail

      • validate

        public void validate()
        Specified by:
        validate in interface MessageHolderAware
        Specified by:
        validate in interface com.opensymphony.xwork2.Validateable
        validate in class com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport
      • isSupportsSimpleSearch

        public boolean isSupportsSimpleSearch()
      • getOperators

        public List<String> getOperators()
      • getSelectedTab

        public String getSelectedTab()
        Description copied from interface: Tabbed
        Returns the key of the tab that should be selected when rendering.

        e.g. "search" or "create" for the browseusers.vm

        Specified by:
        getSelectedTab in interface Tabbed
      • setSelectedTab

        public void setSelectedTab​(String selectedTab)
      • doUserSearch

        public String doUserSearch()
      • isShowAll

        public boolean isShowAll()
      • getResultsPerPage

        public int getResultsPerPage()
      • getSearchTerm

        public String getSearchTerm()
      • setSearchTerm

        public void setSearchTerm​(String searchTerm)
      • getUsernameTerm

        public String getUsernameTerm()
      • setUsernameTerm

        public void setUsernameTerm​(String usernameTerm)
      • getFullnameTerm

        public String getFullnameTerm()
      • setFullnameTerm

        public void setFullnameTerm​(String fullnameTerm)
      • getEmailTerm

        public String getEmailTerm()
      • setEmailTerm

        public void setEmailTerm​(String emailTerm)
      • getOperator

        public String getOperator()
      • setOperator

        public void setOperator​(String operator)
      • isShowUnlicensedUsers

        public boolean isShowUnlicensedUsers()
      • setShowUnlicensedUsers

        public void setShowUnlicensedUsers​(boolean showUnlicensedUsers)
      • getLicenseErrorHtml

        public String getLicenseErrorHtml()
      • setResultsPerPage

        public void setResultsPerPage​(int resultsPerPage)
      • getResultsPerPageOptions

        public List<com.atlassian.core.util.PairType> getResultsPerPageOptions()
      • setLicenseService

        public void setLicenseService​(LicenseService licenseService)
      • setUserChecker

        public void setUserChecker​(UserChecker userChecker)
      • setStartIndex

        public void setStartIndex​(int startIndex)