Class IsNewerThanAndConfiguredNumberHighEnough

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    public class IsNewerThanAndConfiguredNumberHighEnough
    extends Object
    implements BuildNumberUpgradeConstraint

    A constraint that will test whether the build number configured on the constraint is newer than the build number passed to test(int) AND the application configured build number is higher than a configured value.

    This type of constraint would typically be used if you only wanted an upgrade task to run if the configured build number was newer than a certain value but you are upgrading from a certain old version. value.

    A hypothetical example:

    • Build 5 introduced a certain format of data
    • Build 10 changed this to an improved format contained an upgrade task to make the change
    If you upgrade from build 5 - 9 then the build 10 upgrade task is required.
    If you upgrade from build 0 - 4 then the build 10 upgrade task is not required .

    For the above example you would construct the constraint like new IsNewerThanAndConfiguredNumberHighEnough(5,10)

    • Constructor Detail

      • IsNewerThanAndConfiguredNumberHighEnough

        public IsNewerThanAndConfiguredNumberHighEnough​(int applicationConfigBuildNumber,
                                                        int minApplicationConfig,
                                                        int constraintBuildNumber)
        applicationConfigBuildNumber - the actual application configured build number
        minApplicationConfig - the minimum application configured build number required for this constraint to pass
        constraintBuildNumber - the constraint build number to test other build numbers against
    • Method Detail

      • test

        public boolean test​(int buildNumber)
        Specified by:
        test in interface BuildNumberUpgradeConstraint
        buildNumber - the build number to test the constraint against.
        true if the application configured build number is less than or equal