Interface CloudPlatform

    • Method Detail

      • getInstanceTypeMetadataEndpoint

        String getInstanceTypeMetadataEndpoint()
        url string for fetching the platform instance type via the platform metadata service
      • getPlatformType

        CloudPlatformType getPlatformType()
        the type of cloud platform, i.e. AWS or Azure
      • getMetadataHeaders

        default Map<String,​String> getMetadataHeaders()
        any specific request headers required to reach the platform metadata service as a map of header-value entries
      • parseInstanceType

        default String parseInstanceType​(String responseBody)
        By default, assumes that the response body contains just the instance type and returns it unparsed. Implementing classes for which this is not the case should override this metho as needed.
        responseBody - the response body returned by the instance type metadata endpoint
        the cloud platform-specific instance type parsed from the response body