Class DefaultSetupPersister

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultSetupPersister

        public DefaultSetupPersister()
    • Method Detail

      • setApplicationConfig

        public void setApplicationConfig​(com.atlassian.config.ApplicationConfiguration applicationConfig)
      • configureSetupSequence

        protected void configureSetupSequence​(String setupType)
        Creates a default bootstrapManager sequence based on current state of confluence.config.xml
      • synchSetupStackWithConfigRecord

        public void synchSetupStackWithConfigRecord​(String currentStep)
        Description copied from interface: ConfluenceSetupPersister
        Matches a recorded action in confluence.cfg.xml, element setupStep, to what is in the setupStack. Will then pop all previously performed steps.
        Specified by:
        synchSetupStackWithConfigRecord in interface ConfluenceSetupPersister
        currentStep - the step we are up to
      • getUncompletedSteps

        public List<com.atlassian.core.util.PairType> getUncompletedSteps()
        Specified by:
        getUncompletedSteps in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
      • getCompletedSteps

        public List<com.atlassian.core.util.PairType> getCompletedSteps()
        Specified by:
        getCompletedSteps in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
      • getAllVisibleSteps

        public List<com.atlassian.core.util.PairType> getAllVisibleSteps()
      • getSetupType

        public String getSetupType()
        Specified by:
        getSetupType in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
        the bootstrapManager type of the bootstrapManager process - initial, custom or install.
      • setSetupType

        public void setSetupType​(String setupType)
        Specified by:
        setSetupType in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
      • finishSetup

        public void finishSetup()
                         throws com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupException
        Ensures that the bootstrapManager is written to a complete state by overriding all other remaining operations.
        Specified by:
        finishSetup in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
      • progessSetupStep

        public void progessSetupStep()
        Specified by:
        progessSetupStep in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
      • getCurrentDisplayStep

        public String getCurrentDisplayStep()
        Gets the key of the current step for displaying in setup step bar UI. This can be different from the actual step, for example, when the actual step is invisible and we want the setup step bar UI to still display the previous step.
        key of the current step for displaying purpose, null if the setup is done and there is no meaningful current step
      • getCurrentStep

        public String getCurrentStep()
        Gets the key of the actual current step.
        Specified by:
        getCurrentStep in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
        key of the actual current step
      • setDemonstrationContentInstalled

        public void setDemonstrationContentInstalled()
        Specified by:
        setDemonstrationContentInstalled in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
      • isDemonstrationContentInstalled

        public boolean isDemonstrationContentInstalled()
        Specified by:
        isDemonstrationContentInstalled in interface com.atlassian.config.setup.SetupPersister
      • isSetupTypeClustered

        public boolean isSetupTypeClustered()
        Description copied from interface: ConfluenceSetupPersister
        Determines whether or not the configured setup type is for a clustered edition
        Specified by:
        isSetupTypeClustered in interface ConfluenceSetupPersister
        True if the setup type is clustered or migration to cluster