Class ConfluenceConfigurationListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventListener, javax.servlet.ServletContextListener

    public class ConfluenceConfigurationListener
    extends Object
    implements javax.servlet.ServletContextListener
    Brings up the initial, minimal environment necessary to bootstrap Confluence. The bootstrap environment loads the application configuration from confluence.home, and initialises sufficient Spring components to run the setup wizard if required.

    If the application configuration is complete, the BootstrappedContextLoaderListener will take care of bringing up the remainder of the application, including the full Spring context, Hibernate, and so on.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfluenceConfigurationListener

        public ConfluenceConfigurationListener()
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      • contextInitialized

        public void contextInitialized​(javax.servlet.ServletContextEvent event)
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        contextInitialized in interface javax.servlet.ServletContextListener
      • contextDestroyed

        public void contextDestroyed​(javax.servlet.ServletContextEvent event)
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        contextDestroyed in interface javax.servlet.ServletContextListener