Class DefaultSetSpacePermissionChecker

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultSetSpacePermissionChecker

        public DefaultSetSpacePermissionChecker()
    • Method Detail

      • canSetPermission

        public boolean canSetPermission​(ConfluenceUser user,
                                        SpacePermission spacePermission)
        Checks whether the specified user can set the specified space permission. Setting includes adding or removing the permission. This always returns true before the application is set up.

        • If the specified permission is a global space permission, you must be Confluence administrator to be able to set it.
        • If the specified permission is a system administrator space permission, you must be system administrator to be able to set it.
        • If the specified permission is a permission for space, you must be the administrator of the space to be able to set it.
        Specified by:
        canSetPermission in interface SetSpacePermissionChecker
        user - the user trying to set the permission
        spacePermission - the permission that is being set
        true if the specified user has permissions to set the specified space permission, false otherwise.
        EntityRuntimeException - if either the username or groupname declared in the specified SpacePermission does not exist (or there was an error fetching them)
      • setPermissionManager

        public void setPermissionManager​(PermissionManager permissionManager)
      • setBootstrapManager

        public void setBootstrapManager​(BootstrapManager bootstrapManager)
      • setUserManager

        public void setUserManager​(com.atlassian.user.UserManager userManager)
      • setGroupManager

        public void setGroupManager​(com.atlassian.user.GroupManager groupManager)
      • setI18NBeanFactory

        public void setI18NBeanFactory​(I18NBeanFactory i18NBeanFactory)