Class SearchQueryParameters

  • public class SearchQueryParameters
    extends Object

    Encapsulates parameters which describes search terms and additional filtering.

    All properties on this object are optional. If not set then a property has no affect on the search.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchQueryParameters

        public SearchQueryParameters()
        Construct a query with no search term or filtering.
      • SearchQueryParameters

        public SearchQueryParameters​(String query)
        Construct a query for the specified String.
        query - the String to search for.
    • Method Detail

      • setQuery

        public void setQuery​(String query)
      • setSpaceKey

        public void setSpaceKey​(String spaceKey)
      • setSpaceKeys

        public void setSpaceKeys​(Set<String> spaceKeys)
      • setAttachmentTypes

        public void setAttachmentTypes​(Set<Attachment.Type> attachmentTypes)
      • setContentType

        public void setContentType​(ContentTypeEnum contentType)
      • setContributor

        public void setContributor​(ConfluenceUser contributor)
        Limits results to ones where the given user has been a contributor
        contributor - the contributor
      • getQuery

        public String getQuery()
      • getSpaceKeys

        public Set<String> getSpaceKeys()
      • setLabels

        public void setLabels​(Set<String> labels)
      • getSearchQueryFilter

        public SearchQuery getSearchQueryFilter()
      • setSort

        public void setSort​(SearchSort sort)
      • isIncludeArchivedSpaces

        public boolean isIncludeArchivedSpaces()
      • setIncludeArchivedSpaces

        public void setIncludeArchivedSpaces​(boolean includeArchivedSpaces)
      • setOnlyArchivedSpaces

        public void setOnlyArchivedSpaces​(boolean onlyArchivedSpaces)
      • isOnlyArchivedSpaces

        public boolean isOnlyArchivedSpaces()
      • getExtraFields

        public Set<String> getExtraFields()
      • setExtraFields

        public void setExtraFields​(Set<String> extraFields)
      • setSearchQueryFilter

        public void setSearchQueryFilter​(SearchQuery searchQueryFilter)