Interface ContentNameSearchSectionSpec

    • Method Detail

      • getCategory

        Category getCategory()
        Content category usually one per content type.
      • isDefault

        default boolean isDefault()
        Returns true of the section is added into the system by default.
      • getFilter

        SearchQuery getFilter()
        7.20 Search query filter that accepts only desired content entities.
      • getWeight

        default int getWeight()
        Relative order of the contents section with respect to other sections.
      • getLimit

        default int getLimit()
        Limit the number of returned entities.
      • getFields

        Set<String> getFields()
        Requested fields from the search index.
      • getFieldValuesTransformer

        Function<List<Map<String,​String>>,​List<SearchResult>> getFieldValuesTransformer()
        Returns a function that transforms a list of field value map into the one of SearchResult. Using list as input and output arguments allows an implementation to perform an additional filter that can't be done on the search index.