Class ItemsForSectionFunction

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,<Iterable<WebItemView>>

    public class ItemsForSectionFunction
    extends Object
    A soy server function that retrieves web-items for a given web-section.

    Usage: {let $items: itemsForSection(contentId, 'system.main.nav') /}

    where contentId is used to provide additional information to the WebInterfaceContext. Pass null if the items are not associated with a specific CEO.

    contentId has to be a string because soy can't deal with 64-bit longs. It might appear to work for you if your contentId is small enough to actually fit into an integer but it will blow up once it doesn't anymore.

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      • ItemsForSectionFunction

        public ItemsForSectionFunction​(WebViewService webViewService)
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        public String getName()
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        public Set<Integer> validArgSizes()
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