Class RecentUpdate

  • public class RecentUpdate
    extends Object
    Structure to represent a recent update. Also handles pulling data out into the right fields from any SearchResult
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public long getId()
      • getLastModificationDate

        public Date getLastModificationDate()
      • getUrlPath

        public String getUrlPath()
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • getFriendlyUpdateTime

        public String getFriendlyUpdateTime()
      • getUpdateDescription

        public String getUpdateDescription()
      • getViewChangesLink

        public String getViewChangesLink()
      • getSummary

        public String getSummary()
      • getSpaceName

        public String getSpaceName()
      • isThumbnailable

        public boolean isThumbnailable()
      • getThumbnailUrl

        public String getThumbnailUrl()
      • setThumbnailUrl

        public void setThumbnailUrl​(String thumbnailUrl)
      • getThumbnailWidth

        public String getThumbnailWidth()
      • getThumbnailHeight

        public String getThumbnailHeight()
      • setThumbnailHeight

        public void setThumbnailHeight​(String thumbnailHeight)
      • getImageUrl

        public String getImageUrl()
      • getImageWidth

        public String getImageWidth()
      • getImageHeight

        public String getImageHeight()
      • getContentType

        public String getContentType()
      • getHtml

        public String getHtml()
      • getIconCss

        public String getIconCss()
      • getFriendlyContentType

        public String getFriendlyContentType()