Class DashboardMacroSupport

  • public class DashboardMacroSupport
    extends Object
    This support class provides common functionality used by the macros that are used on the dashboard.
    • Method Detail

      • getFavouriteSpaces

        public List<Space> getFavouriteSpaces()
      • getNewSpaces

        public List<Space> getNewSpaces()
      • getTeamSpaces

        public List<Space> getTeamSpaces()
      • getPermittedSpacesBuilder

        public ListBuilder<Space> getPermittedSpacesBuilder()
        Get an ListBuilder of all spaces the current user can see.
        a ListBuilder of all spaces the current user can see
      • getSelectedTeamLabelName

        protected String getSelectedTeamLabelName()
      • getViewableTeamLabels

        public List<String> getViewableTeamLabels()
      • getSpacesSelectedTab

        public String getSpacesSelectedTab()
      • sanitiseSelectedSpacesTab

        protected String sanitiseSelectedSpacesTab​(String spacesSelectedTab)
        four cases to sanitise on
        • "new" tab when there are no new spaces
        • "my" tab when there are no favourite spaces
        • "team" tab when there are no teams
        spacesSelectedTab - currently selected tab
        spacesSelectedTab if the tab contains spaces, return the tab, else return "all"
      • getRequestParameter

        public String getRequestParameter​(String key)
      • getRequest

        public javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest getRequest()
        There are two possible cases here -
        1. You are within an HTTP request thread, in which case the request will be retrieved from a ThreadLocal
        2. You are not a 'web related' thread (e.g. a Long running task) in which case null will be returned.
        The HttpServletRequest associated with the current thread.
      • getAllViewableSpaces

        public List<Space> getAllViewableSpaces()