Class EditorAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • EditorAction

        public EditorAction()
    • Method Detail

      • getWysiwygContent

        public String getWysiwygContent()
        Make the wysiwyg content an empty string on editor load a we pull this down from the server if page edit is triggered.
        getWysiwygContent in class AbstractPreviewPageAction
        empty string
      • setSpace

        public void setSpace​(Space space)
        Description copied from interface: SpaceAware
        IOC method for setting the space on the action. This is called from the interceptor
        Specified by:
        setSpace in interface SpaceAware
        space - the space that the action will be working on.
      • isSpaceRequired

        public boolean isSpaceRequired()
        Description copied from interface: SpaceAware
        If the action requires that the space be set before being run, then it should return true to this method. If the action requires a space, but no space is available, then the interceptor will automatically redirect to the 'pagenotfound' result
        Specified by:
        isSpaceRequired in interface SpaceAware
        true if the action requires a space in order to execute
      • isPermitted

        public boolean isPermitted()
        Because this page only returns an editor frame we don't need to check permissions for this action .
        isPermitted in class AbstractPageAwareAction
        always returns true
      • isUserWatchingPage

        public boolean isUserWatchingPage()
        Returns true if the user is watching the current page. Returns false otherwise, or if the user is anonymous.
      • isUserWatchingSpace

        public boolean isUserWatchingSpace()
        Returns true if the user is watching the page/blog's space for the respective ContentType. For example, if getPage returns a BlogPost and the user is only watching Pages in the Space, this method returns false.
      • setBreadcrumbGenerator

        public void setBreadcrumbGenerator​(BreadcrumbGenerator breadcrumbGenerator)
      • startHeartbeatOnDoDefault

        public boolean startHeartbeatOnDoDefault()
        Description copied from class: AbstractCreateAndEditPageAction
        This method determines whether the current action should start an activity on the HeartbeatManager. In most cases this should be left as true since we would like to track user activity in the editor. Only override this method if you know exactly what you doing.
        startHeartbeatOnDoDefault in class AbstractCreateAndEditPageAction
        boolean indicating whether activity should be started via the HeartbeatManager