Class DragAndDropServiceImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • DragAndDropServiceImpl

        public DragAndDropServiceImpl​(EditorFormatService editorFormatService,
                                      com.atlassian.plugins.capabilities.api.CapabilityService capabilityService,
                                      com.atlassian.plugin.PluginAccessor pluginAccessor)
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      • getAttachmentEditorHtml

        public String getAttachmentEditorHtml​(String filename,
                                              ContentEntityObject container,
                                              boolean viewFileMacroEnable,
                                              String renderContentPlace)
                                       throws Exception
        Description copied from interface: DragAndDropService
        Get attachment editor html format
        Specified by:
        getAttachmentEditorHtml in interface DragAndDropService
        filename - name of file
        container - container object of attachment
        viewFileMacroEnable - status of view file macro
        renderContentPlace - place will append editor html (page/comment)
        editor html of attachment
        Exception - throwing when generate editor html has any errors