Interface AttachmentDao.AttachmentCopier

    • Method Detail

      • copy

        void copy()
        Perform the copy
      • setParentContentToExclude

        void setParentContentToExclude​(List<? extends ConfluenceEntityObject> contentList)
        Set which parent content should be excluded from the copy.
        contentList - a List of ContentEntityObjects
      • setSpacesToInclude

        void setSpacesToInclude​(List<? extends Space> spaceList)
        Set which Spaces should be included in the copy.

        If no Spaces are set, then content from all Spaces is included.

        spaceList - a List of Spaces
      • setProgressMeter

        void setProgressMeter​(com.atlassian.core.util.ProgressMeter progress)
        Set the progress meter to report the status of the copy.
        progress - a ProgressMeter instance