Class ContentTree

  • public class ContentTree
    extends Object
    A graph of ContentNode. Stores all content that the user has permission to view, in the form of nodes representing a hierarchy of pages (as they can be nested), and a list of blog posts.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContentTree

        public ContentTree()
      • ContentTree

        public ContentTree​(ContentNode rootNode)
        Create a ContentTree with only a single root nodel
        rootNode - the only root node in this content tree
    • Method Detail

      • isRootNode

        public boolean isRootNode​(ContentNode node)
      • filter

        public void filter​(List<String> ids)
        Remove all nodes in this tree whose id does not match the list passed in
        ids - List of String representations of the ids of pages
      • filter

        public void filter​(Set<Long> includedIds,
                           Set<Long> excludedIds)
        Filters the tree according to included and excluded ids of content nodes. Nodes are removed if:
        1. no ancestor is included in includedIds
        2. their closest ancestor mentioned in either list is in excludedIds
        3. they are in excludedIds

        Any nodes included whose immediate parents are not included are moved to the root.

        Any root nodes not mentioned at all are excluded.

        If we were to make this handle hidden pages too then we'd add an extra rule:

        1. they are not visible to the current user and any of their siblings are in excludedIds

        includedIds - ids of pages to include (including their descendants except where exclusions apply)
        excludedIds - ids of pages to exclude (their descendants are also excluded except where more specific inclusions apply)
      • addRootNode

        public void addRootNode​(ContentNode contentNode)
      • removeNode

        public void removeNode​(ContentNode contentNode)
      • getPage

        public Page getPage​(long pageId)
        pageId - the id of the required page
        the Page from the ContentTree or null if there is no page with that id in the ContentTree
      • getPages

        public List<Page> getPages()
        all the pages associated with the nodes in this tree
      • setBlogPosts

        public void setBlogPosts​(List<BlogPost> blogPosts)
      • size

        public int size()
        the number of nodes in this tree
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object