Class CommentsSection.EditComment

    • Constructor Detail

      • EditComment

        public EditComment()
    • Method Detail

      • waitForTinyMCE

        public void waitForTinyMCE()
        Wait for the TinyMCE editor in the comments section to be ready, as we'd get JS errors otherwise if we try to insert text too early.
      • editUsingShortcut

        public void editUsingShortcut()
      • isSaveButtonDisplayedInScreen

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedCondition isSaveButtonDisplayedInScreen()
      • isWarningMessageVisible

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedCondition isWarningMessageVisible()
      • loadingContainerVisibleCondition

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedCondition loadingContainerVisibleCondition()
      • saveWithoutReload

        public void saveWithoutReload()
        Use save() instead
      • clickSave

        public void clickSave()
        Clicks on the save button.
      • isSaveBarVisible

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedCondition isSaveBarVisible()
        Condition waits for the editor save bar to load
      • preview

        public EditorPreview preview()
        Preview a comment in the quick editor
      • cancel

        public ViewPage cancel()
        Cancel a comment in the quick editor
        the current page
      • waitForEditorClosed

        public void waitForEditorClosed()
      • cancelWithDirtyEditor

        public ViewPage cancelWithDirtyEditor()
        Cancel a comment in the quick editor, with a dirty editor. (Useful if you still need the bind.)
        the current page
      • cancelWithoutWaitForBind

        public void cancelWithoutWaitForBind()
        Cancel a comment in the quick editor without waiting for bind
      • previewVisibleCondition

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedCondition previewVisibleCondition()
        Checks to see if preview pane is showing
      • getPreviewText

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedQuery<String> getPreviewText()
      • watchThisPageCheckboxVisibleCondition

        public boolean watchThisPageCheckboxVisibleCondition()
        Checks to see if Watch this page checkbox is present in the quick editor
      • watchThisPageCheckboxVisibleTimedCondition

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedCondition watchThisPageCheckboxVisibleTimedCondition()
      • getCaptchaUrl

        public String getCaptchaUrl()
        Get the URL of the captcha image. Can be used to check if the captcha has changed
      • captchaVisibleCondition

        public com.atlassian.pageobjects.elements.query.TimedCondition captchaVisibleCondition()
        Checks to see if Captcha is present in the quick editor
      • enterCaptcha

        public void enterCaptcha​(String captcha)
        Enters text into the captcha field
      • getEditor

        public Editor getEditor()
        This is a bit backwards, because the editor wraps this EditorContent.
      • getUserProfile

        public CommentsSection.UserLogo getUserProfile()
        the user logo displayed together with comment RTE