Class XsltMailContentProcessor

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    public class XsltMailContentProcessor
    extends Object
    implements MailContentProcessor
    Transform email content by applying an XSL transform to it. It should be noted that since e-mail content may actually be a collection of XHTML fragments instead of well formed XHTML this MailContentProcessor will temporarily wrap the content in a root element called "temporaryFragmentRootElement" which is automatically removed after processing. You need to be aware of this element to ensure the XSL template configured for this processor handles (and ignores or passes unchanged) this temporary element.
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        public String process​(String input)
        Description copied from interface: MailContentProcessor
        Take the supplied input data and process it in some fashion, returning the result. If the processing fails then input should be returned as the result.
        Specified by:
        process in interface MailContentProcessor
        input - the content to be processed.
        the processed version of the content or the same content if processing failed.