Class BotocssMailContentProcessor

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    public class BotocssMailContentProcessor
    extends Object
    implements MailContentProcessor
    Takes a serialized HTML document as input and injects CSS taken from the <style> tags in to the appropriate elements as inline style attributes.

    This is largely for compatibility with Gmail and a few other email clients which do not parse stylesheet links or HTML <style> tags.

    The <style> tags annotated with a delete-email-style class attribute will also get removed from the document post-injection. This is in order to reduce the outcoming size of the mail as Gmail enforces a mail size of lower than 102kB by clipping the mail on its default view.

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      • BotocssMailContentProcessor

        public BotocssMailContentProcessor()
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      • process

        public String process​(String input)
        Description copied from interface: MailContentProcessor
        Take the supplied input data and process it in some fashion, returning the result. If the processing fails then input should be returned as the result.
        Specified by:
        process in interface MailContentProcessor
        input - the content to be processed.
        the processed version of the content or the same content if processing failed.