Class XhtmlWikiMarkupMacroMigrator

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    public class XhtmlWikiMarkupMacroMigrator
    extends AbstractExceptionTolerantMigrator

    A Migrator that accepts storage format XHTML and will attempt to convert any instances of unmigrated-wiki-markup macros found to be direct storage XHTML format and therefore replacing the unmigrated-wiki-markup block.

    There is no guarantee that any or all instances of the unmigrated-wiki-markup will be replaced. In some cases instances it will not be possible to migrate individual unmigrated-wiki-markup blocks. However, what can be guaranteed is that the returned String will still be suitable storage XHTML formatted data.

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      • migrate

        public ExceptionTolerantMigrator.MigrationResult migrate​(String inputXhtml,
                                                                 ConversionContext conversionContext)

        Attempt to migrate any instances of unmigrated-wiki-markup found in the supplied storage XHTML formatted content to storage XHTML.

        inputXhtml - storage XHTML formatted String which may contain unmigrated-wiki-markup
        conversionContext - the context to be applied for this migration
        a storage XHTML formatted String which may or may not still contain unmigrated-wiki-markup blocks.