Class RequestMetrics

  • public class RequestMetrics
    extends Object
    Bean intended to be exposed via JMX to represent various system health metrics. This should be extended in the future as requirements dictate.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RequestMetrics

        public RequestMetrics()
    • Method Detail

      • getRequestsServed

        public int getRequestsServed()
      • getRequestsBegan

        public int getRequestsBegan()
      • beginRequest

        public void beginRequest()
      • endRequest

        public void endRequest()
      • getCurrentNumberOfRequestsBeingServed

        public int getCurrentNumberOfRequestsBeingServed()
      • getAverageExecutionTimeForLastTenRequests

        public int getAverageExecutionTimeForLastTenRequests()
      • getNumberOfRequestsInLastTenSeconds

        public int getNumberOfRequestsInLastTenSeconds()
      • recordRequestTime

        public void recordRequestTime​(long requestTime)
      • incrementErrorCount

        public static void incrementErrorCount()
      • getErrorCount

        public int getErrorCount()