Interface MBeanExporterWithUnregister

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    public interface MBeanExporterWithUnregister
    extends org.springframework.jmx.export.MBeanExportOperations
    This interface has been created to allow us to perform additional necessary operations that are not provided via Spring's JMX support classes. The following operations have been added.
    • Determining whether or not this Exporter is enabled
    • The ability for the Exporter to unregister beans
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        static final String PROPERTY_NAME_JMX_DISABLED
        Setting this system property to true will prevent the exporter from registering or unregistering MBeans, and cause isEnabled() to always return false
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    • Method Detail

      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
        Determines whether or not the export is enabled. If not enabled, the Exporter will not be able to register or unregister any MBeans. If the system property "confluence.jmx.disabled" is set to true, this method will always return false.
        true if enabled
      • unregisterBean

        void unregisterBean​(ObjectName name)
        since 5.10. Use MBeanExportOperations.unregisterManagedResource( instead.
        Unregistered the MBean with the given name. This means that it will no longer be managed by the JMX agent.
        name - of the resource to be unregistered.
      • isRegistered

        boolean isRegistered​(ObjectName name)
        Determines whether the object has been registered.
        true if registered
      • safeRegisterManagedResource

        void safeRegisterManagedResource​(Object value,
                                         ObjectName name)
        Registers the MBean with a given name. If a duplicate MBean is found the object will be overwritten and any other errors logged and swallowed.
        value - - MBean object
        name - of the resource