Class JmxSystemInfoWrapper

  • public class JmxSystemInfoWrapper
    extends Object
    Delegated to SystemInformationService to provide a subset of the information provided on the ViewSystemInfo page. Not all information is presented as statistics such as memory usage and similar can be gleamed from other sources.
    • Method Detail

      • getDatabaseUrl

        public String getDatabaseUrl()
      • getDatabaseDialect

        public String getDatabaseDialect()
      • getDatabaseIsolationLevel

        public String getDatabaseIsolationLevel()
      • getDatabaseDriverName

        public String getDatabaseDriverName()
      • getDatabaseDriverVersion

        public String getDatabaseDriverVersion()
      • getDatabaseVersion

        public String getDatabaseVersion()
      • getDatabaseName

        public String getDatabaseName()
      • getDatabaseExampleLatency

        public Long getDatabaseExampleLatency()
      • getConfluenceHome

        public String getConfluenceHome()
      • getConfluenceBuildNumber

        public String getConfluenceBuildNumber()
      • getConfluenceVersion

        public String getConfluenceVersion()
      • getStartTime

        public long getStartTime()
      • getConfluenceUpTime

        public String getConfluenceUpTime()
      • getConfluenceEnabledPluginsNames

        public List getConfluenceEnabledPluginsNames()