Class DarkFeaturesHelper

  • public class DarkFeaturesHelper
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • DarkFeaturesHelper

        public DarkFeaturesHelper​(ConfluenceRpc rpc)
    • Method Detail

      • setUserEnabledFeatures

        public void setUserEnabledFeatures​(User user,
                                           String featureKeys)
        Sets all Dark Features enabled for the given user.
        user - the user to enable/disable features for
        featureKeys - a comma-separated list of feature keys, or a blank string to disable all features
      • enableUserFeatures

        public boolean enableUserFeatures​(String... featureKeys)
      • enableUserFeature

        public boolean enableUserFeature​(String featureKey)
      • disableUserFeature

        public boolean disableUserFeature​(String featureKey)
      • enableSiteFeatures

        public boolean enableSiteFeatures​(String... featureKeys)
      • enableSiteFeature

        public boolean enableSiteFeature​(String featureKey)
      • disableSiteFeature

        public boolean disableSiteFeature​(String featureKey)
      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled​(String featureKey)
      • isSiteFeatureEnabled

        public boolean isSiteFeatureEnabled​(String featureKey)
      • loadEnabledSiteFeatures

        public void loadEnabledSiteFeatures​(User user,
                                            String... features)
      • enableDarkFeatureModules

        public void enableDarkFeatureModules​(<Plugin,​String> pluginModules,
                                             boolean enable)
        Dark features can be implemented by using disabled plugin modules, this method provides a way for tests to enable a set of plugin modules that comprise a dark feature
        pluginModules -
        enable - - whether the modules should be enabled or disabled
      • isDarkFeatureModulesEnabled

        public boolean isDarkFeatureModulesEnabled​(<Plugin,​String> pluginModules)
        Dark features can be implemented by using disabled plugin modules, this method queries the state of a set of dark feature modules.
        pluginModules - - the set of plugin modules that comprise the dark feature.
        true if ALL modules in the pluginModules map are enabled.