Interface ILuceneConnection.Configuration

    • Method Detail

      • getInteractiveMergeFactor

        int getInteractiveMergeFactor()
      • getInteractiveMaxMergeDocs

        int getInteractiveMaxMergeDocs()
      • getInteractiveMaxBufferedDocs

        int getInteractiveMaxBufferedDocs()
      • getBatchMergeFactor

        int getBatchMergeFactor()
      • getBatchMaxMergeDocs

        int getBatchMaxMergeDocs()
      • getBatchMaxBufferedDocs

        int getBatchMaxBufferedDocs()
      • getMaxFieldLength

        int getMaxFieldLength()
      • isCompoundIndexFileFormat

        boolean isCompoundIndexFileFormat()
      • getIndexSearcherMaxAge

        long getIndexSearcherMaxAge()
        The max age of an IndexSearcher in seconds.

        IndexSearchers that are older than this are eligible for pruning by a scheduled job so that it's resources are reclaimed.

        max age of an IndexSearcher in seconds.
      • getIndexSearcherPruneDelay

        long getIndexSearcherPruneDelay()
        The delay in seconds before attempting to prune IndexSearchers that have exceeded their max age.
        delay in seconds