Class DefaultSearchResultResultRenderer

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    public class DefaultSearchResultResultRenderer
    extends Object
    implements SearchResultRenderer
    Loaded as a spring bean and is the default renderer that DelegatedSearchResultRenderer falls back on when no other renderer can be found.
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      • DefaultSearchResultResultRenderer

        public DefaultSearchResultResultRenderer​(VelocityHelperService velocityService)
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      • canRender

        public boolean canRender​(SearchResult searchResult)
        Description copied from interface: SearchResultRenderer
        Indicates if this paricular plugin can (and want) to render the given search result. Return true if and only if the plugin can render the given item without throwing exceptions. Note that several plugins can return true for the same SearchResult in which case one will be picked in an undefined order.
        Specified by:
        canRender in interface SearchResultRenderer
        searchResult - Search result to render.
      • render

        public String render​(SearchResult searchResult,
                             SearchResultRenderContext renderContext)
        Description copied from interface: SearchResultRenderer
        Render the given search result. A display ready html string should be returned. If rendering fails (maybe the attachment to render was removed between the call to canRender and render), the plugin should return null to indicate that it failed to render the result
        Specified by:
        render in interface SearchResultRenderer
        searchResult - Search result to render.
        renderContext - Render context that contains more information that the renderer may make use of.
        the rendered HTML ready to be sent to the requesting client.