Interface LongRunningTaskManagerInternal

    • Method Detail

      • startIfQueued

        void startIfQueued​(LongRunningTaskId taskId)
        Starts the task in a new thread if it has previously been queued.
        taskId - the ID of the task
      • runToCompletion

        void runToCompletion​(@Nullable com.atlassian.user.User user,
                             com.atlassian.core.task.longrunning.LongRunningTask task)
        Starts a LongRunningTask and waits for it to complete.
        user - the user responsible for the task
        task - the task to perform
        IllegalStateException - if the task manager has been shut down
      • getTaskCount

        int getTaskCount()
        Return a count of the current queued and running tasks. The count may include tasks that the current user is not allowed to see.