Class IndexDraftsUpgradeTask

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BackupSupport, DeferredUpgradeTask, UpgradeTask, UpgradeTaskInfo, org.springframework.beans.factory.Aware, org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanNameAware

    public class IndexDraftsUpgradeTask
    extends AbstractIndexContentUpgradeTask
    This upgrade task is meant to index all the draft contents which were not indexable in prior versions, it will then allow users to access their existing drafts directly through the dashboard.
    • Method Detail

      • runOnSpaceImport

        public final boolean runOnSpaceImport()
        Description copied from interface: BackupSupport
        Returns true if an older Space can't be imported in a new instance without running this task. For example:
        • A task updating macro names in the BodyContent table would be blocking.
        • Tasks which updates data related to the space would be blocking.
        • A task upgrading the user table wouldn't be blocking.
        • Adding a mandatory column on space-related content breaks space import

        Note that tasks don't run on space import yet, so we just reject the import in this case.

        Specified by:
        runOnSpaceImport in interface BackupSupport
        runOnSpaceImport in class AbstractIndexContentUpgradeTask
      • breaksBackwardCompatibility

        public final boolean breaksBackwardCompatibility()
        Description copied from interface: BackupSupport
        Returns true if a new export can't be imported in an older instance.

        Breaking compatibility means a snapshot of the new version will not work at all with the previous version. For example:

        • A destructive operation (Some data is replaced by another) breaks backwards compatibility
        • Adding a optional column does NOT break backwards compatibility
        • Data is copied to another column doesn't breaks backwards compatibility
        • A build number incrementation doesn't breaks backwards compatibility
        The best way to test is whether a newer export can be imported (with fully working features) in an older instance.
        Specified by:
        breaksBackwardCompatibility in interface BackupSupport
        breaksBackwardCompatibility in class AbstractIndexContentUpgradeTask