Interface SpacePermissionQueryBuilder

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    public interface SpacePermissionQueryBuilder
    A centralised place for construction of database query conditions to filter or join on the "spacepermissions" table. This could be extended to support query languages other than HQL in future.
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      • getHqlPermissionFilterString

        String getHqlPermissionFilterString​(String spacePermissionTableAlias)
        Creates an HQL string of conditions / filter to add to the "WHERE" clause of an HQL query, filtering down to SpacePermission rows which match / grant access to the user. Note: substituteHqlQueryParameters(org.hibernate.query.Query) MUST be called subsequently, to substitute in the required parameters.
        spacePermissionTableAlias - alias of the SpacePermission table being queried
        an HQL string of conditions, to be appended as part of the "WHERE" clause
      • getUser

        @Nullable ConfluenceUser getUser()
        Returns the user this query builder was constructed for. Will be null for anonymous.
      • getPermissionType

        default String getPermissionType()
        permission type