Class OsgiServiceRegistryImpl

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    public class OsgiServiceRegistryImpl
    extends Object
    implements OsgiServiceRegistry
    This implementation will hand out services in the form of Proxy's that lazily use the underlying ServiceTracker when invoked.
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      • OsgiServiceRegistryImpl

        public OsgiServiceRegistryImpl​(com.atlassian.plugin.osgi.container.felix.FelixOsgiContainerManager osgiContainerManager)
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      • getService

        public <T> T getService​(Class<T> clazz)
        Description copied from interface: OsgiServiceRegistry
        Provides an implementation of the given interface T that is guaranteed to be backed by the highest ranked OSGi service implementing T. The provided implementation will fail fast if the service is not available - it will NOT wait for the service to become available.

        It is expected callers will use this method to obtain services that they will invoke later in response to user activity. Invoking methods on returned implementation immediately will probably not work, unless you know what you're doing.

        Specified by:
        getService in interface OsgiServiceRegistry