Class ContentIndexRecoverer

    • Constructor Detail

      • ContentIndexRecoverer

        public ContentIndexRecoverer()
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      • snapshot

        public void snapshot​(@NonNull File destDir)
                      throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: IndexRecoverer
        Allows taking a snapshot of the index.

        The snapshot should be taken in a safe way to prevent any write while it is copying index files over to the destination directory. Suggestions include to use LuceneConnection#snapshot(Directory) method or alternatively to take the snapshot with SnapshotDeletionPolicy.

        Specified by:
        snapshot in interface IndexRecoverer
        destDir - directory in which the snapshot should be saved
      • reset

        public void reset​(@NonNull Runnable replaceIndex)
        Description copied from interface: IndexRecoverer
        Closes the reader and the writer and create new ones.
        Specified by:
        reset in interface IndexRecoverer
        replaceIndex - method that should be executed before the index has been closed and before the index has been reopened
      • setLuceneConnection

        public void setLuceneConnection​(@NonNull ILuceneConnection luceneConnection)
        Autowired by spring setter injection
      • setFullReindexManager

        public void setFullReindexManager​(@NonNull FullReindexManager fullReindexManager)
        Autowired by spring setter injection