Class EntityObjectReadyForExport.CollectionOfElements

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    public static class EntityObjectReadyForExport.CollectionOfElements
    extends Object
    Represent a collection of elements. Every element is a reference to another entity. It is used for contentProperties and allowedOperations collections only
    • Constructor Detail

      • CollectionOfElements

        public CollectionOfElements​(String collectionName,
                                    Class<?> collectionClazz,
                                    Class<?> referencedClazz,
                                    Collection<Object> elementValues)
      • CollectionOfElements

        public CollectionOfElements​(String collectionName,
                                    Map<Object,​Object> map)
    • Method Detail

      • getCollectionName

        public String getCollectionName()
      • getCollectionClazz

        public Class<?> getCollectionClazz()
      • getReferencedClazz

        public Class<?> getReferencedClazz()
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()