Interface BatchOperation<I,​O>

  • public interface BatchOperation<I,​O>
    An operation that consists of a sequence of independent units of work that need to be run as a batch job.

    All operations in a batch will be performed sequentially in a single thread (or we'd need a more complex producer/consumer API here), but there is no guarantee that they will be run in the same Hibernate session, transaction, or against the same database connection.

    • Method Detail

      • prepare

        void prepare()
        Called before the batch is processed. Any pre-loading of data should be performed in this step
      • getOperataion

        Function<I,​O> getOperataion()
      • getExpectedTotal

        int getExpectedTotal()
      • done

        void done()
        Called at the end of batch processing, whether the processing was successful or not.