Class DefaultViewMacroWrapper

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultViewMacroWrapper

        public DefaultViewMacroWrapper​(HtmlToXmlConverter htmlToXmlConverter,
                                       com.atlassian.plugin.event.PluginEventManager pluginEventManager)
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      • init

        public void init()
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
      • onPluginModuleEnabled

        public void onPluginModuleEnabled​( ignored)
      • onPluginModuleDisable

        public void onPluginModuleDisable​( ignored)
      • wrap

        public String wrap​(ConversionContext context,
                           Macro.OutputType outputType,
                           String macroBody,
                           MacroDefinition macroDefinition)
        Description copied from interface: ViewMacroWrapper
        Execute macro wrapping. Example: Status and

        Info macro

        Specified by:
        wrap in interface ViewMacroWrapper
        context - the conversion context
        outputType - output type
        macroBody - rendered macro body
        macroDefinition - definition of macro
        macro has wrapped otherwise the original