Class DefaultResourceIdentifierMatcher

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    public class DefaultResourceIdentifierMatcher
    extends Object
    implements ResourceIdentifierMatcher
    Match a ContentEntityObject against the supplied ResourceIdentifier. Note that the ResourceIdentifier may be partially populated, following the rules of the respective ResourceIdentifierResolver implementations.

    This implementation only supports the CEO and RI's that are legitimate render context CEOs. Any other CEO to RI matches will return false. This implementation

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      • DefaultResourceIdentifierMatcher

        public DefaultResourceIdentifierMatcher()
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      • matches

        protected boolean matches​(Comment comment,
                                  ResourceIdentifier ri)
        Remembering that this implementation is intended for use in rendering then a Comment is said to match the ResourceIdentifier if the parent of the Comment matches the ResourceIdentifier. This is because -
        1. We do set a Comment as the render CEO but we don't support linking to them (yet) - no ResourceIdentifier.
        2. We don't add attachments to comments, we add them to the parent.
        comment -
        ri -
        true if the parent of the comment matches the ResourceIdentifier