Class WikiToXhtmlMigrator

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    public class WikiToXhtmlMigrator
    extends Object
    implements ExceptionTolerantMigrator

    Convert wiki formatted text to the XHTML format used for storage from Confluence 4.0.

    Based on V2RendererFacade (which we aren't using because it would cause spring autowiring by type to fail because there would then be two beans that implement WikiStyleRenderer.

    • Constructor Detail

      • WikiToXhtmlMigrator

        public WikiToXhtmlMigrator​(com.atlassian.renderer.RendererConfiguration rendererConfiguration,
                                   com.atlassian.renderer.links.LinkRenderer defaultLinkRenderer,
                                   com.atlassian.renderer.embedded.EmbeddedResourceRenderer defaultEmbeddedRenderer,
                                   ErrorReportingV2Renderer renderer)
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      • migrate

        public String migrate​(String wiki,
                              com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContext context,
                              List<RuntimeException> exceptions)

        Convert wiki text to storage format XHTML. Even on the event of any exceptions occurring during migration (as reported via the exceptions parameter) suitable storage XHTML formatted data will be returned.

        Specified by:
        migrate in interface ExceptionTolerantMigrator
        wiki - wiki formatted String to be migrated to storage XHTML.
        context - the context for the rendering during this migration
        exceptions - a List to add any migration exceptions too as they occur (this may be null if you don't care about exceptions)
        an XHTML formatted String suitable for storage. Even on the event of exceptions the returned String will still have been migrated in a manner suitable for XHTML storage.