Class HazelcastClusterEventWrapper

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.DataSerializable, Serializable

    public class HazelcastClusterEventWrapper
    extends ClusterEventWrapper
    implements Serializable, com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.DataSerializable
    Hazelcast specific implementation of the ClusterEventWrapper. This version is DataSerializable, and uses OsgiSafe to hold the event. This allows Hazelcast to serialize/deserialze it nicely
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • HazelcastClusterEventWrapper

        public HazelcastClusterEventWrapper​(Object src,
                                            com.atlassian.event.Event event)
        Create a clustered wrapper event to broadcast an event across a cluster.
        src - an Object which represents where the event came from. In the case of clustered events, the recommended src value is a ClusterNodeInformation object.
        event - an event to be wrapped
      • HazelcastClusterEventWrapper

        public HazelcastClusterEventWrapper()
    • Method Detail

      • writeData

        public void writeData​(com.hazelcast.nio.ObjectDataOutput out)
                       throws IOException
        Specified by:
        writeData in interface com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.DataSerializable
      • readData

        public void readData​(com.hazelcast.nio.ObjectDataInput in)
                      throws IOException
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        readData in interface com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.DataSerializable