Interface MauEventService

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    public interface MauEventService
    MAU events are sent as analytics events per product per user after a fixed interval, if there are any activities in the product from the user during that interval.

    This service provides methods to control the events to be send in each servlet request.

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      • addApplicationActivity

        void addApplicationActivity​(@NonNull MauApplicationKey appKey)
        Mark this request represents a user activity in a specific sub-product (such as TC, CQ) The default application is Confluence, event if there is no call to this method during the request
        appKey - The sub-product
      • clearApplicationActivities

        void clearApplicationActivities()
        Reset the application activities for current request. Should be called once at the beginning of each request.
      • sendMauEvents

        void sendMauEvents()
        Send analytics events, if needed, with data accumulated during the whole request. The actual analytics events may not be sent, if they have been sent recently.