Class ContentRepresentation

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    public final class ContentRepresentation
    extends BaseApiEnum
    Enumeration of the different built-in ways that Confluence content bodies can be represented.
    • Field Detail

      • STORAGE

        public static final ContentRepresentation STORAGE
        Raw database format, for content that stores data in our XML storage format
      • EDITOR

        public static final ContentRepresentation EDITOR
        Representation suitable for use in the rich text editor

        public static final ContentRepresentation EXPORT_VIEW
        HTML representation for viewing, but with absolute urls, instead of relative urls in the markup. Useful for exporting.

        public static final ContentRepresentation ANONYMOUS_EXPORT_VIEW
        HTML representation for viewing, but with absolute urls, instead of relative urls in the markup, and macros are rendered as though it is viewed by an anonymous user. Useful for exporting in situations where you might not want to reveal sensitive data , or you do not want to pay the cost of a permission check for the export. The output of this can be cached as long as the underlying content has not changed.
      • PLAIN

        public static final ContentRepresentation PLAIN
        Raw database format as plain text with no XHTML or WIKI markup.

        Can be converted to VIEW representation by converting newlines to <br> and representing URLs as HTML links.


        public static final ContentRepresentation STYLED_VIEW
        A rendered view that includes inline styles in a <style> element, wrapped in an entire <html> structure.

        public static final Iterable<ContentRepresentation> INPUT_CONVERSION_TO_STORAGE_ORDER
        An ordered enumeration of ContentRepresentations that can be converted to STORAGE format. When given the option of converting multiple ContentBodys to a STORAGE representation, the body chosen for conversion will be the first one encountered in this list.
    • Method Detail

      • convertsFromStorage

        public boolean convertsFromStorage()
      • convertsToStorage

        public boolean convertsToStorage()
      • getRepresentation

        public String getRepresentation()
      • toString

        public String toString()
        FIXME (CRA-176) - the currently returns the string representation of the ContentReprentation. It should return more information, but is this way at the moment to support correct serialization in Jackson.
        toString in class BaseApiEnum