Class ContentLabelServiceImpl

    • Method Detail

      • getLabels

        public PageResponse<Label> getLabels​(ContentId contentId,
                                             Collection<Label.Prefix> prefixes,
                                             PageRequest pageRequest)
                                      throws NotFoundException
        Description copied from interface: ContentLabelService
        Get the labels attached to a given piece of content in the given namespaces
        Specified by:
        getLabels in interface ContentLabelService
        contentId - the id of the content to retrieve
        prefixes - - the prefixes to filter the returned labels by, if empty no prefix filter is applied
        pageRequest - - indicates how many labels to return and from what offset
        all the labels associated with the given content up to the limit of the page request, or a system defined limit
        NotFoundException - if the content does not exist, or is not viewable by the user
      • removeLabel

        public final void removeLabel​(@NonNull ContentId contentId,
                                      @NonNull Label label)
        Description copied from interface: ContentLabelService
        Removes the given label the content with the given contentId
        Specified by:
        removeLabel in interface ContentLabelService
        contentId - the id of the content to remove the label from
        label - the label to be removed
      • validator

        public com.atlassian.confluence.api.impl.service.content.ContentLabelServiceImpl.ValidatorImpl validator()
        Description copied from interface: ContentLabelService
        Provides a validator for validating actions on the ContentLabelService and checking permissions related to labels on Content
        Specified by:
        validator in interface ContentLabelService
        an contentLabelService Validator