Interface AdminTaskConfig

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    public interface AdminTaskConfig
    Encapsulates the non-serializable system components of an AdminTask.
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      • getKey

        String getKey()
        The key for the admin task. Used as a handle to store and retrieve both the metadata for an admin task and i18n strings for the task.
        The string key for this admin task.
      • getTitleKey

        String getTitleKey()
      • getDescriptionKey

        String getDescriptionKey()
      • getActionTextKey

        String getActionTextKey()
      • getConfigurationCurrentValueKey

        String getConfigurationCurrentValueKey()
      • getFirstConfigurationUri

        String getFirstConfigurationUri()
        The first admin configuration page link stored in this task config.
        a string for the first link of this task config, or null if getAllConfigurationUris().isEmpty() is true.
      • getAllConfigurationUris

        List<String> getAllConfigurationUris()
        A collection of all links to admin configuration pages stored in this admin task config.
        A list of all admin configuration page links for this task config, sorted in the order they were added.