Class EnumTypeConverter

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    public class EnumTypeConverter
    extends ognl.DefaultTypeConverter
    Converter class that converts strings in the request to the correct enum types.

    Copied from webwork website :)

    • Constructor Detail

      • EnumTypeConverter

        public EnumTypeConverter()
    • Method Detail

      • convertValue

        public Object convertValue​(Map context,
                                   Object o,
                                   Class toClass)
        Converts the given object to a given type. How this is to be done is implemented in toClass. The OGNL context, o and toClass are given. This method should be able to handle conversion in general without any context or object specified.
        convertValue in class ognl.DefaultTypeConverter
        context - - OGNL context under which the conversion is being done
        o - - the object to be converted
        toClass - - the class that contains the code to convert to enumeration
        Converted value of type declared in toClass or TypeConverter.NoConversionPossible to indicate that the conversion was not possible.
      • convertFromString

        public Object convertFromString​(String value,
                                        Class toClass)
        Converts one or more String values to the specified class.
        value - - the String values to be converted, such as those submitted from an HTML form
        toClass - - the class to convert to
        the converted object