Class UsersResource

  • public class UsersResource
    extends Object
    This provides rest URLs to get Admin only user data from the system.
    • Method Detail

      • getUsers

        public getUsers​(String query,
                                                  String spaceKey,
                                                  int start,
                                                  int limit)
        This end point will search and return a paginated list of users based on the query provided. If the current user is not authenticated or does not have the permission to execute, an 401 UNAUTHORIZED response will be returned.
        query - the query string. It may contain the asterisk wildcards
        spaceKey - the space key if the space admin is searching in a space
        start - the start index
        limit - the limit of the result
        a list of users within the limit.
      • createUsers

        public createUsers​(String usernamesStr,
                                                     String emailDomain)
        Accepts comma-separated usernames and creates users for them, with each user's email address the username plus '@' and the domain name.
        usernamesStr - a comma-separated list of usernames to create
        emailDomain - the domain name for the email-address to create for each user
        a map with 'created' and 'failed' usernames