Class SpacePermissionDTOLight

  • public class SpacePermissionDTOLight
    extends Object
    This light object allows to retrieve space permission records with user keys without retrieving data from other tables (for example from spaces). Unfortunately, when we retrieve just "space permission list", Hibernate retrieves spaces as well. But when we retrieve space id as long field, we avoid this problem.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpacePermissionDTOLight

        public SpacePermissionDTOLight​(Long id,
                                       com.atlassian.sal.api.user.UserKey userKey,
                                       String groupName,
                                       String type,
                                       String permAllUserSubject,
                                       Long spaceId)
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public Long getId()
      • getUserKey

        public com.atlassian.sal.api.user.UserKey getUserKey()
      • getGroupName

        public String getGroupName()
      • getPermAllUserSubject

        public String getPermAllUserSubject()
      • getSpaceId

        public Long getSpaceId()
      • isAvailableForAnonymous

        public boolean isAvailableForAnonymous()
      • isAvailableForAuthenticatedUsers

        public boolean isAvailableForAuthenticatedUsers()