Class DenormalisedSpacePermission

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    NotExportable, Serializable

    public class DenormalisedSpacePermission
    extends Object
    implements Serializable, NotExportable
    Supports a denormalised relation between space id and sid id (sid represents user or group or authenticated user or anonymous user. For each type of the supported permissions a separate table is used
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • DenormalisedSpacePermission

        public DenormalisedSpacePermission()
      • DenormalisedSpacePermission

        public DenormalisedSpacePermission​(long spaceId,
                                           long sidId)
      • DenormalisedSpacePermission

        public DenormalisedSpacePermission​(SpaceToSidMapId spaceToSidMapId)
    • Method Detail

      • setSpaceToSidMapId

        public void setSpaceToSidMapId​(SpaceToSidMapId spaceToSidMapId)