Class InSpaceQuery

    • Constructor Detail

      • InSpaceQuery

        public InSpaceQuery​(String spaceKey)
        Search for content within a single space with the given key
        spaceKey - the key of the space to search within
      • InSpaceQuery

        public InSpaceQuery​(Set<String> spaceKeys)
        Search for content within any of a collection of spaces with given keys
        spaceKeys - a set of the keys of the spaces to search within
    • Method Detail

      • getKey

        public String getKey()
        the plugin key
      • expand

        public SearchQuery expand()
        Description copied from interface: SearchQuery
        Expands this query into a composite query (that composes other queries). By overriding this method, one can specify a new query that is composition of the behaviour of the composed queries.
        a query