Interface CustomSearchIndexRegistry

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    public interface CustomSearchIndexRegistry
    This interface is available to plugins and allows 3rd-party vendors to add their own custom indexes
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        SearchIndexAccessor add​(String name,
                                String relativeIndexPath,
                                ScoringStrategy scoringStrategy,
                                @Nullable AnalyzerDescriptorProvider analyzerDescriptorProvider)
                         throws SearchIndexAccessException
        This method can be called multiple times but a new SearchIndexAccessor instance will be created only once for the first call. The same instance will be returned by subsequent calls to the method with the same name.

        It is highly recommended that the prefix name and relativeIndexPath are prefixed with the plugin key to avoid naming conflicts and/or unintentionally sharing indexes with another plugin.

        name - the unique name of the custom index. The name should have a plugin key as its prefix to avoid naming conflicts. If the custom index directory is not created, it will be created under the default index directory.
        relativeIndexPath - the path relative to the confluence lucene index directory expressed as a String. You must use forward slashes as separators i.e. plugin/usage. Underlying impl is filesystem independent.
        scoringStrategy - the scoring strategy that will be used to scan the documents.
        analyzerDescriptorProvider - provider for a MappingAnalyzerDescriptor representing a Lucene Analyzer, or null if KeywordAnalyzer is used.
        a SearchIndexAccessor that can access to this custom index.
      • remove

        void remove​(String name)
             throws SearchIndexAccessException
        Remove the custom index from the registry. The internal lucene connection will be also closed.
        name - the name of the custom index
        SearchIndexAccessException - if the custom search index does not exist