Class ContentNameSearchResult

    • Constructor Detail

      • ContentNameSearchResult

        public ContentNameSearchResult​(String query)
    • Method Detail

      • getQueryTokens

        public List<String> getQueryTokens()
        The individual tokens from the query String that these results are for. You might use these tokens to highlight matches in the results when displaying them.
        the individual tokens from the query String.
      • setQueryTokens

        public void setQueryTokens​(List<QueryToken> queryTokens)
      • getStatusMessage

        public String getStatusMessage()
        A message indicating information about the search. For example, if there were no results then this is explicitly stated by this status message. A client can assume that if there is a statusMessage then they should not expect any contentNameMatches.
        a status message or null if there are no explicit messages.
      • setStatusMessage

        public void setStatusMessage​(String statusMessage)
      • addMatchGroup

        public void addMatchGroup​(List<ContentNameMatch> matchGroup)
        Add a grouped list of matches.
      • getContentNameMatches

        public List<List<ContentNameMatch>> getContentNameMatches()
        Each sub-list within the returned list will have results of the same 'category'. The ordering of the className groupings within the top level list is defined by the default ResultTemplate.
        a List of Lists of ContentNameMatch
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      • getTotalSize

        public int getTotalSize()
      • getQuery

        public String getQuery()