Class SearchResultRenderContext

  • public class SearchResultRenderContext
    extends Object
    Render context for search results. The class provides an easy way to add additional information that the renderes can make use of.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchResultRenderContext

        public SearchResultRenderContext​(String queryString,
                                         String showExcerpts)
        Constructor that sets both the queryString and showExcepts properties.
        queryString - the query string used when the search was performed.
        showExcerpts - indicates if excerpts should be shown. This is largely a legacy thing.
      • SearchResultRenderContext

        public SearchResultRenderContext()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getQueryString

        public String getQueryString()
        Return the query string if set, otherwise returns empty string.
        Query string or "" if it is not set.
      • getShowExcerpts

        public String getShowExcerpts()
        Return the showExceprts if set otherwise return empty string.
        showExceprts or "" if it is not set.